Once your account has been set up, we will send you an activation email, where you will gain access to both the apps and the admin dashboard.

Before you start bringing your employees onboard, run through the checklist below for a step by step guide to customise your altHR account to match your company policies and kickstart your journey with us:

  1.  Update company profile (e.g. profilecompany structurejob bands, offices)

  2.  Create first employee

  3.  Create new organisations

  4.  Upload employee

  5.  Assign admins and roles

  6.  Set up general approval routings  

  7.  Configure company's work days and holidays
  8.  Create and configure leave settings and policies 

  9.  Import leave records, and confirm leave balances (If required)

  10.  Create and configure expense settings and policies

  11.  Import expense records (If required)

  12.  Upload content for document manager (if applicable)

  13.  Create checklist (if applicable)

  14.  Set up for other modules you are using
  15.  Once you're done, send out an invitation email to employees to activate their accounts

Kindly browse through the knowledge base to find out how to complete the tasks listed. Please reach out to us at support@althr.my if you need further assistance for the above mentioned.