• Available types of expense policies:

Expense policies are set up to allow all or a certain group of employees to be able to submit expense requests. There are 3 types of expense policies an admin can create:

  1. Generic Expense Policy - Covers policies other than the usual mileage or allowance expense policies. Examples of generic policies are business entertainment expenses, medical expenses, education and training expenses, and more.

  2. Mileage Expense Policy - Allows employees to claim fuel mileage or travel reimbursements.

  3. Allowance Expense Policy - Allows employees to claim their daily allowance.

  • Default expense policies already set up when you sign up:

Upon signing up, your account will come loaded with some default expense policies. The Expense module in altHR will come preset with 2 the following expense policies and limits/rates below:

1) Parking Fees - RM 500 (limit per transaction)

2) Mileage (Car) - RM 0.7/km (rate per km)

If the default policies are inapplicable, you can either toggle to turn them off or archive them on the "Edit" page.

If you would like to edit any part of the expense policy, eg: expense name, limit/rate, eligibility etc, see "How to edit an expense policy?"

  • To set up an expense policy

Read this article: How to set up an expense policy