TWO steps to do before processing the expenses for payouts:

Step 1: Before you process the expenses for payout, please ensure that those expenses / claims have been

approved. Only approved expenses will be moved from the Expenses Transactions page to the To Process tab.

Step 2: Before clicking on "Set as Processed", admins can download a report of all expenses on the page. Admins

can screen expenses for the payout cycle and exclude those that are not.

To exclude an expense from payout, simply toggle "To Process" to be "On Hold". 

Note: Here's an article to understand different types of expenses.

To process expenses for payout:

1. Head to the left panel. Click Expenses > Process.

2. Click Get Approved Expenses. This will retrieve all approved transactions and group them as “To Process”.


3. Confirm by clicking Confirm. Wait for the page to refresh.

4. Click Set As Processed.

5. Select cut off date & time, to move only approved transactions that are within that time frame and have them processed. 

6. Confirm by clicking Confirm. Wait for the page to refresh.

7. All selected processed transactions will be moved to the History tab.