• Do I need to use the travel module?

To enable the employees to tag travel requests to expense claim requests, your company would need to use both the travel and expenses module on altHR.

  • What is a travel request?

The travel module is designed to simplify the administrative processes of business travel. Employees can submit business meetings or training requests from the app, which would then be routed to the respective approvers.

If you have a designated company travel desk, they would then take up the administrative side of planning the accommodation or transportation if required. Post-trip, employees could submit expense claims (according to company policy) such as transportation or meal allowances.

  • What happens when you tag a travel request to an expense request

By tagging a travel request to an expense request, the app will fill in and calculate reimbursement according to the travel details where applicable.

  • To tag a travel request to an expense claim request

In Expenses Policy You Have Created:

1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, head to Expenses > Policies.

2. Search for the policy that you'd like to tag the travel request. Alternatively, you can scroll down to search for the policy.

3. Click Edit to access the policy setting.

4. Under Section 1: Policy Information, click Show Advanced Setting.

5. Tick Tag Travel Request.

6. Click Confirm to save the setting.

In a New Expenses Policy:

Repeat Steps 4 -6 above when you create new expense policy.