Let's play out a common workplace scenario with the 3 roles below:

Ali (Admin)
Muthu (Manager to Eng Huat)
Eng Huat (Employee)
Barney (Big Boss)

To begin this journey, Ali will have to set up the company leave policy and approval routing according to company practice. This is done via the altHR admin dashboard (admin.althr.my/login).

With the policy locked and loaded, Eng Huat is now able to submit leaves via his altHR mobile application. Eng Huat was down with the cold last week and would like to submit a sick leave application. He logs the details of his sick leave in his application along with a snapshot of his mc attached to it. Upon submission, both him and Muthu will receive an email notification. Muthu logs into his altHR mobile app and reviews the sick leave request. He checks the dates, description and attachments before approving or rejecting the request.

If Muthu rejects the request, he will note in the app the reason for rejecting the leave request, which will be forwarded to Eng Huat via email.

If Muthu approves the request, Eng Huat will receive email notification of the approval and also be able to view this on his app. In the instance where there is more than 1 level of approval, Barney will receive a notification email after Muthu has reviewed the application and similarly be able to access this request on his mobile app.

Ali is able to view and generate reports from the admin dashboard if any disputes arise.

To download the altHR mobile app:

Google Play Store

Apple App Store

To access the web app: