What are Expense Limits?

Expense limits are caps placed on the expenses. Under both Allowance and Generic Expense Policies, admin is able to set expense limits for the respective policy.

What policies allow admin to set Expense Limits?

1. Allowance Expense Policy

2. Generic Expense Policy

How do Expense Limits work?

Once the limit is set, employees are not able to claim for any expenses that exceed the limits set. This means, when they do attempt to apply for expenses that exceed the limit, they will receive a pop-up notification to alert them and are unable to proceed to submit this expense claim.

What if employees want to claim for expenses more than the limit set?

HR admin should always check with their policy to ensure that employees comply with the policy. It is the company's decision to set up a policy that suits them.

If the company still wants to maintain the policy with the limit while allowing certain exceptions, you may consider setting up a new policy without the limit, and ensure the claim goes through the approvers required.

To differentiate them, here's a suggestion on how to name the policy:

1. Overseas Lunch Allowance (Max RM 250)

2. Overseas Lunch Allowance (No Limit)

Do include the policy requirements in your description, to ensure that managers and employees are aware to strictly comply with their policies, and only apply for the one without limit in exceptional cases.

How to set up expense policies?

You may refer to this article on how to set up your expense policies.