• What is refresh approval routing and when do you need to use it:

In the event that an employee's reporting line has been updated e.g. a manager has been replaced, organisation has been restructured or the employee has been transferred to another department, requests that have been submitted would still be following the old approval routing. 


If there are pending requests that the former manager has not been approved and you need the requests to be directed to the employee's new reporting manager, you will need to use the function known as Refresh Approval Routing. In short, this allows you to redirect and send new notifications to the correct expense approvers.


If there are expenses pending the wrong approvers, whether it is due to a personnel change or an error in the routing settings, this button allows admins to refresh the routing and redirect the expense to the correct approvers.



  • Where to check whether approval routing has been set correctly:

Before you go ahead, you will need to have made the relevant corrections first. There are 3 places that you will need to look at for this:

  1. The first being the reporting manager, confirm that the employee is reporting to the correct managers. Go to People > Employees > under the column: Manager.

  1. Secondly, you will need to confirm the default approval routing in expense settings, ensure that the right structures are in place. Go to Expenses > Settings > Default Approval Routing tab.

  1. Third, if the expense policy has a custom approval routing, and if yes, to check if it has been set up correctly. Go to Expenses > Policies.


4. Once it has been corrected, you may go ahead and click on the Refresh Approval Routing button (Refer to steps below). When you do, the new approver will receive a notification to act on the request. 



  • To refresh approval routing for expense policy:
  1. Head to the left panel. Click Expenses > Transactions.

  2. Key in expense ID or employee name in the search bar. Wait for a few moments and it should load automatically.

  3. Click on the desired Pending transaction to view more details.

  1. Scroll down. Refresh Approval Routing? is at the bottom section.Before you go ahead and click on this button, you will need to have made the relevant corrections first. Refer to the paragraph above.

  2. Confirm by clicking Refresh Approval Routing.

  1. You will see the approval routing is updated. If it is not reflecting what it should be, kindly go through the process above to check whether approval routing has been set correctly.