What is the Expenses Module ? 

The Expenses Module is where admins can digitalise the expense claims submission and processes of the company. Admins are able to configure Expense Policies for employees to submit claims for, view and manage these claims submissions, configure the approval routings for these claims as well as digitally process these claims for pay out to the employee. 

There are several steps admins will have to complete in order to set up the Expense Module: 

1. Complete Set Up of People Module - How to Set Up People Module

2. Set Up Approval Routings -

3. Configure General Settings 

4. Set Up Expense Policies 

5. Import Expense Transactions if needed

6. Understand how to Process Expense Transactions

What are Expense Transactions

Expense Transactions are employee expense claims requests. Every expense request is tagged Pending, Approved or Rejected. This section guides you on how to view expense transactions submitted by your employees. 

Note: All expenses appearing in Expenses > Transactions are unprocessed expenses, transactions that are processed for payout will no longer appear here. To view processed transactions, go to Expenses > Process

What are the available actions for admin

  1. View and Filter Expense Transactions 

  2. Generate Quick Reports 

  3. Approve or Reject Expense Claims Requests on Behalf 

  4. Refresh Approval Routing of Leave Request - as discussed in this article

To Refresh Approval Routing of an Expense Transaction

Admins are require to Refresh the Approval Routing of any requests that were made and not yet approved before the original approval routing was changed in Expenses Settings.

  1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.
  2. Click Expenses > Transactions.
  3. Select the Expenses Transaction you wish to refresh the approval routing for.
  4. Click View.

  5. Scroll down to the Approval Routing portion of the request 
  6. Select Refresh Approval Routing? 
  7. Select Ok to confirm 

    Note: Refreshing the Approval Routing will require the request to be Re-Approved from the first level of approval.