• What is Approval Routing

Setting up an approval routing will allow employee requests to be automatically routed to the appropriate managers for approval. It is available in 3 sections of the admin dashboard:

  1. People > Settings - This is the main library where all possible approval routings are stored. Approval routings must first be set up under the People module before it can be used in other modules such as leaves and expenses. Make sure to include everyone, or the ones you missed out won’t be able to submit requests.

  2. Leaves > Settings 

  3. Expenses > Settings

After the default approval routings are created in the settings, you are able to apply them in a specific expense policy under the "Approval Routing" section.

  • To set approval routings under the People Module:

Refer to this article: How do I set up approval routings?

  • To set default approval routings under the Expenses Module:

  1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

  2. Click Expenses > Settings.

  3. Click on Default Approval Routing tab.

  4. Click Create Default Approval Routing.

  5. Select the approval routings you require.

  6. Confirm by clicking Confirm.

  7. To run a check to make sure everyone is included, click Download Report.

  • To set or apply custom approval routings for expense policies:

  1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

  2. Click Expenses > Policies.

  3. Search for the policy you wish to add a custom approval route to.

  4. Click Edit.

  5. Scroll down to Approval Routing

  6. Click Add Approval Routing.

  7. Select the approval routings settings you require.

  8. Confirm by clicking Confirm.