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  1. What are External Agents
  2. How to add External Agent Organisation

What are External Agents 

External Agents are employees in your company that are externally contracted. These employees can have profiles in your altHR account, can be tracked and managed, but do not count in your total employee headcount as they are not employees of your company. These employees will also not be listed in your altHR Payroll module. This is done by adding employees into an External Agent Organisation. Admins can limit their access as well as assign them as Admins to specific and relevant modules or sub-modules. This gives them limited access to your app and account that is enough for them to carry out their work.

For example, you may need external agents for the following scenarios:

  1. For Travel Desk management where agents from external travel agencies may receive approved Travel Requests and proceed to make the required travel arrangements for the company.

  2. For Helpdesk tickets related to an IT software that you company is using, you may want to add the software supplier's IT support team to handle those tickets.

How to add external agents as an organisation:

Use case: You have a travel agency that processes bookings once there are travel requests from your employees. The travel agency has 3 persons to handle this and you need to add them in.

Part 1: Create an organisation specially for external agents

1. Head to People > Organisations

2. Click the "+" button to create a new organisation for your company

3. Give the organisation a name. We suggest that you name it External Agents if you have multiple

    agencies or external agent teams to be added to this organisation later.

4. Fill in the rest of the compulsory fields.

4. Click Show Advanced Settings to change the organisation status.

6. Click confirm.

7. You've created an organisation that will be considered as an external agent. Any child organisation that

    is created under this organisation will be considered as an external agent. All employees hired under

    this organisation will be considered as an external agent.

Part 2: Add the external agents as employees (who are not included in your headcount) into the database

You can now proceed to add these agents into your data base by hiring them under the external agents organisation you just created.

To learn how to add employees: How to hire or add employees into the database

Part 3: Limit their admin access to the sub-modules they are in charge

Because you need these external agents to manage some of your sub modules e.g. travel process module, you would need to give them the access to the admin dashboard only for the relevant module.

To learn how you can assign roles & access:  How Set Up and Assign Admins in Role Management