Billable amount = RM 1.00 x number of add-one modules turned on x employee headcount + 8% SST

What is Employee Headcount?

  • Your employee number can fluctuate throughout the month but you will be charged based on the current active employee headcount on the billing date.      


  • Your billing date is 13/05. You have 10 employees in the account on 13/05 with 5 add-on modules turned on. 

Billable amount in May = RM5 x 10 employees + 8% SST = RM 53.00

  • Your next billing date is 13/06. The number of employees you have in the account might increase or decrease since 13/05. 

  • On 13/06, you have 20 active employees in the account.

Billable amount in June = RM5 x 20 employees + 8% SST = RM 106.00

To find out more about your next payment amount, head to Accounts > Billing