Here are some of the common reasons:

  • Rejected by the bank with the error “Invalid Pin” due to insufficient funds / over the credit limit - Kindly ensure that you have sufficient funds before making the payment.
  • Rejected by the bank due to Fraud Card and Lost Card error - Kindly liaise directly with your Card Issuing Bank for more details of the rejection.
  • Rejected due to invalid card number - Kindly ensure that the card number is keyed in correctly, not expired and still in circulation. It can also be caused by reported stolen. If this is the case, kindly liaise with your bank to resolve it.

The most common reason is typo errors on the card details. 

All failed transaction notifications will be sent by iPay88. Should you require further help, kindly write to We will assist in troubleshooting.

Alternately, we encourage users to attempt making payment by other cards to prevent any disruptions whilst we troubleshoot.