What are Workflows? 

The Workflows Module is a customisable Request Approval Module for admins to create request forms (called templates) to allow employees to apply for things other can Expense claims, Leave applications, and Travel requests. Admins can create custom forms such as for Overtime Request, Asset Requests, gift Declarations, Limited Time Off Requests and so on. Employees can then submit these request forms for approval, according to the approval routings set by the admin. Admins can also download Workflow Reports to track transactions and approvals 

What are Workflow Templates?

Workflow Templates are customisable request forms for employees to apply for approval on things other than Leaves, Expenses and Travels. Admins can build Templates to collect the required information for approval. 

How to Create Workflow Templates ? 

1. On your left-hand Admin Panel, select Others, select Workflows and select Templates

2. Select Create Template 

3. Fill In Template details 

4. Click on Confirm to complete the template. Ensure you have toggled On the Status of the template in order for it to be viewable by employees.

Details to Fill In 

You will have 5 Sections of details to fill in for the templates. 

Section 1: Template Information

1. Give your Workflows Template a name (for Admin reference). 

2. If you think necessary, you may give your Workflows Template a Display Name. This is the name that will visible

   to your employees. 

3. Give your Workflows Template a description (for Admin reference only. Employees will not be able to view this          description. Maximum length is 120 characters)

Section 2 : Eligibility 

Admins can set eligibility for Workflow Templates, where the template can only be accessed by employees who fit a certain criteria. Select a criteria from the provided Drop Down, and check/uncheck the relevant boxes to allow only certain employees to view and access this Workflows Template.

  • Select Yes if all employees should be able to view and select this Travel Region when submitting a Travel Request. 
  • Select No to choose specific criteria of employees (ie: Job Band, Organisation, Location, years of service etc) to be able to view and select this Travel Region when submitting a Travel Request

Section 3: Fields. 

Admins are able to add different types of fields to Workflows Templates. You can add as many fields as needed per template, and mark them as Required fields if necessary. Required fields must have input in order for the employee to submit the request. 

  • Text - A Text Box for employees to freely type an answer (such as Reason for Request) 
  • Dropdown - A list of pre-set options for employees to select from (such as select an asset to request)
  • Time - A single input of time. Can be used to state what time an employee is requesting to leave the office for a 
  • particular day. 
  • Date - A single input of Date. Can be used to state what date an employee is requesting to work from home. 
  • Date and Time - This option will require employees to input Both Start Date and Time & End Date and Time. This is useful for cases like request of OT (employee worked outside of office hours from 6pm-9pm on Thursday night), or when employee needs to request for limited time off (to leave office between 9am-11am to send their family member to the hospital)

Section 4: Approval Routing

Setting up a default approval routing will allow employees' Workflow requests to be automatically routed to the managers or approvers-in-charge for approval.  Approval Routings must be selected from the Existing General Approval routings that you have already created in the People Module.

Read How to Create General Approval Routings here.

  • Select a Group for this Approval Routing to Apply to. You may select specific employees, organisations or job bands, or All Employees.
  • Select the Approval routing from the Drop Down. You may add additional Approval routings to apply to larger num

Admins must apply one Default approval routings All Employees, and then create default approval routings for Specific Employees or Organisations orJob Bands if needed

Click on Confirm to Create this Template.