What are Workflows? 

The Workflows Module is a customisable Request Approval Module for admins to create request forms (called templates) to allow employees to apply for things other can Expense claims, Leaves, and Travel requirements. Admins can create custom forms such as for Overtime Request, Asset Requests, gift Declarations, Limited Time Off Requests and so on. Employees can then submit these request forms for approval, according to the approval routings set by the admin. Admins can also download Workflow Reports to track transactions and approvals

What are Workflow Transactions?

Workflow Transactions are Workflow Requests that employees have submitted. In this page, admins are able to track and view the details of Pending, Approved and Rejected Transactions made buy employees.

To View Workflow Transactions

1. On your left-hand Admin Panel, select Others, select Workflows and select Transactions

2. On this page, admins are able to view the Workflow Template, the Workflow Transaction ID, The Employee who submitted the request, the Submission Date of Request, the name of the employee's direct line manager, and the approver of the workflow request.

3. To view the details of a Transaction, click on View

4. Admins will then be able to view the details of the Transaction, including the Submitter's name and employee ID, Workflow Template submitted, Date Submitted, Approver, Details of the Request, and the Approval Routing.

5. If there are any changes to the original approval routing, admins can Refresh approval routing for this request to be approved correctly. 

Note: Refreshing the approval routing will reset this request back to pending approval from the first level approver.