What are Workflows? 

The Workflows Module is a customisable Request Approval Module for employees to apply for things other can Expense claims, Leaves, and Travel requirements. Admins can create custom forms such as for Overtime Request, Asset Requests, gift Declarations, Limited Time Off Requests and so on. Employees can then submit these request forms for approval, according to the approval routings set by the admin.

How to Submit a Workflow Request

Note: Workflows module is only available on altHR User Mobile App. Users will not be able to submit a Workflow Request via the User Web App.

1. Login to your altHR User App and select Workflows. If unable to locate Workflows in the Favourites page, select More

2. Select Submit Workflow

3. Select the Workflow request you would like to submit

4. Fill in the required information for the request

5. Select Submit Request 

6. Select Yes to confirm

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