A) Process Expense Claims

If you're currently using the altHR Expenses Module and would like to send the approved Expense Claims amounts to PayrollPanda, you can do so with the integration.

First, set the approved Expense Claims as processed at altHR.

  1. Under Expenses > Process, click on Get Approved Expenses to move all approved claims to the To Process tab for processing. 

  2. Under the "To Process" column, you can turn off the toggle to place the transaction on Hold and exclude it from the current payout batch. 

    Click on "Set as Processed" and all approved expense claims with "To Process" toggled on will be Set as Processed.

  3. Once Set as Processed, the processed claims will be moved to the History tab. All processed claims under the History tab can later be synced over to PayrollPanda.

  4. Always remember to Download Report to check and ensure all amounts are finalized and accurate before you run the sync. 

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B) Sync Processed Expense Claims to PayrollPanda

  1. Once the Expense Claims processing has been finalized, head to PayrollPanda > Sync Items > Tick the Checkbox next to Processed Expenses.

  2. Select the Payroll Month to sync the Expense Claims to. 

    Note: If the Payroll Month is "Approved" or "Locked" in PayrollPanda, you are not allowed to select the Payroll Month to sync the expenses over 

  3. Select which Payout Date batch(es) to Sync over to PayrollPanda. 

    (If you have multiple Expense Claims batches to process within that month, you're advised to select all the applicable batches altogether, and to run the Expense Claims Sync once instead of sending in separate syncs) 

  4. Click on Run Sync.

  5. Head to the Sync Report tab to download the Expense Sync Report. 

    Check whether the sync was 100% successful, or if there is any partial sync failure that requires your next action.

  6. Head over to PayrollPanda > Payroll. You will find the "Expense Claims" Payroll Item added to the employee's payroll.

  7. You are advised to cross-check the Expense Claims amount that was synced to PayrollPanda with the Processed Expense reports downloaded at altHR > Process > History > Download Report.

C) The Correct altHR Expenses to Payroll Flow

1. You should avoid running the Expenses Sync multiple times for each Payroll Month.

  • You're highly encouraged to run the Expenses Sync only ONCE per payroll month. 
  • Ensure you've finalized the Expenses Processing and confirmed that the amount is accurate for Payout before you run the sync.
  • If you have multiple Processed Expenses batches for payout, select all the batches and run the sync altogether.

Sample Scenario: 

Janet has claim transactions in different Processed Expense Payout batches (E.g. Janet has RM50 in the 05 June batch, and RM10 claims in the 12 June batch).

  • You should select all applicable expense batches and run the sync together, for the amount to be summed up to RM60 (RM50+RM10 = RM60).
  • If you select and run the sync separately for each batch, you will find that the later sync will overwrite the previously synced amount instead of summing up both amounts.

2. What to do if the expense claims are wrongly synced to PayrollPanda?

Sample Scenario:

Janet has an RM140 Expense Claim transaction that was sent to PayrollPanda, but this Expense Claim amount was supposed to be excluded from this month's payroll.

  • First, head to PayrollPanda to delete the wrongly synced Expense Claims under the employee's payroll items.

  • Then, head to altHR -> Expenses -> Process -> History and search for the transaction(s), click on "View" and  Unprocess the Expense Claim amount that was removed at PayrollPanda.

    This step is to ensure that both records at the altHR Expenses and PayrollPanda tally.

  • Once unprocessed, this expense transaction will be moved back to the Expenses > Process > "To Process" tab and placed "On Hold"

    Here, you can either toggle on and  Set as Processed in the next payout batch, or, you can click on View and Reject on Behalf if the transaction was supposed to be rejected.

3. What to do if I need to resync part of the Expense Claim amount that has been removed at PayrollPanda? 

Sample Scenario:

Janet has multiple Expense Claim transactions (RM90 & RM50) that sum up to RM140. The RM140 Expense claim amount was sent to PayrollPanda. However, the Expense Claim was supposed to be RM90 only. RM50 was supposed to be rejected.

  • First, head to PayrollPanda to delete the wrongly synced Expense Claims under the employee's payroll items.

  • For any Expense batches that were already synced to PayrollPanda before, you won't find this same payout batch for you to select again on the altHR Expenses Sync window.

  • If you would like to resync a partial of the Expense Claims amount that was deleted at PayrollPanda, what you need to do is  Unprocess all claim request(s) of that employee within that selected Payout Date, under altHR -> Expenses -> Process -> History

    Then, select which of the Expense Claim transaction(s) are supposed to be added back to PayrollPanda, and set them as processed again. 

    Then, you should find these processed claims on the Expenses Sync window for you to select and run sync again.