• What is Expenses Report:

An Expense Report is a report of employee expense transactions. This feature can be used by the company admin with access to the Expenses module. It is a customizable reporting feature that creates expense reports of different types and formats. The downloadable file is in Excel format.


  • To access the expenses report function:

Head to the left panel. Click Expenses > Reports.


  • Types of expense reports available for download:
  1. Expense Approval Routing - Shows all the different approval routing set up in your company.

  2. Expense Transactions - List of all expense transactions.

  3. Expense To Process Transactions - Shows list of approved expense transactions that have been processed for payout.

  4. Expense History Transaction - Shows historical expense transactions.

  5. Expense Dynamic Mileage Rate - A specified dynamic mileage rate report, if it is used by your company.


  • Available formats:
  1. altHR format 

  2. Orisoft format 

  3. Audit format

  4. Finance format

Good news: You are now able to customise your report format using the Customise Report under Company Module!